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Heating Oil Tanks in Pasadena, MD

There's nothing worse than when your heating oil tank fails with no warning. While heating oil is an efficient way to stay warm and cozy during our cold Maryland winters, age, weather and tank environment can eventually take a toll. Be sure to catch the issue before the cold weather hits Pasadena by having your oil storage tank inspected, serviced, and replaced, if necessary. Kero-Del offers complete services for oil tanks to homes and businesses across the Pasadena area.

Why do heating oil tanks fail?

Water is the #1 reason heating oil tanks fail.
Water is heavier than oil and it will lay in the bottom of your tank. When water is not removed periodically, it can cause your tank to rust from the inside out – creating an environmental hazard and loss of fuel with no warning.

Water can accumulate in your oil tank for many reasons:
1. Condensation can accumulate during the warmer weather if your oil tank is not full.
2. Sludge accumulation, a micro-organism of #2 High Sulfur Heating Oil, can trap water and prevent proper drainage of water from the oil tank during routine service. Over time sludge multiplies (they are living organisms) trapping more and more water resulting in deterioration of your heating oil tank.
3. Overflowing gutters above your oil tank can allow water to enter your oil tank through loose and unsealed fittings.
Remedy: To avoid condensation, keep your oil tank full over the summer months to eliminate the possibility of condensation. To avoid sludge, use ULTRA LS Heating Oil ™ which does not accumulate sludge. To avoid water from entering through tank fittings, inspect and clean gutters, have your tank inspected and serviced annually to ensure tank is not showing signs of deterioration and all fittings are properly sealed.

Soil – if your oil storage tank comes into direct contact with soil, it can eventually deteriorate your tank.
Remedy: Keep your oil tank on a solid foundation approximately 6-9” above grade.

Tank Environment – Moisture around your heating oil tank can also create a hazard. Leaves and debris beneath and around the tank retain moisture creating a perfect environment for deterioration.
Remedy: Keep the area around and beneath your heating oil tank free of debris and in a dry environment.

Home Heating Oil Tanks

If you need to replace your oil tank, but aren't sure what size you need, check the label or on the side of your oil storage tank. Standard above ground size 275 gallons. Smaller or larger sizes are available and the professionals at Kero-Del can help you determine the best size heating oil tank for your home or business. Our team works within the entire Pasadena, MD area providing home heating oil tank service.

Heating Oil, Tanks and Supplies

Part of Kero-Del's mission is to ensure families and businesses across the Pasadena area stay warm all season long. Our services are not limited to just heating oil delivery. We also provide complete HVAC services and installation for heating, air conditioning, water heating, humidifiers, along with oil storage tank replacements. Our dedicated team has been serving Pasadena for over 30 years, so you can trust our talented technicians for complete home comfort services.

Commercial Oil Tanks

Commercial heating oil tanks are generally larger, ranging from 500 to 1,000 or more gallons. Kero-Del can provide a wide variety of fuel storage tanks for your business. In most cases, we can install your fuel tank within a day so your employees and customers can remain warm during the coldest part of the winter. We also offer commercial double wall fuel storage tanks for loan in Pasadena, MD.

Call Kero-Del for Oil Storage Tanks

The team at Kero-Del is dedicated to keeping homes and businesses throughout Pasadena cozy over the cold months. Don't get stranded this winter, check your oil tank or ask for a service assessment to check if your oil tank is in good shape. Call Kero-Del today at 410-761-7800 to learn more about us and our oil tank services.

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