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    Recent increases in crude oil prices and the downward turn in our national economy have thousands of Marylanders looking for ways to lower their monthly energy costs. Kero-Del is proud to offer the following helpful tips to help you get the most out of every dollar you spend heating and cooling your home.

        • Cover the inside of your windows with plastic.
        • Caulk or weather-strip doors, caulk around windows and cracks† in walls.
        • Close off unused rooms with a large number of windows.
        • Wear warmer clothing and turn down your thermostat in† the winter.
        • Donít crack a window when the weather is too dry Ė consider using a humidifier.
        • Close flue dampers when your fireplace or woodstove is not in use.
        • Remove window A/C units to reduce drafts; otherwise, cover all sides of a window unit to minimize drafts.
        • Keep your thermostat at a constant setting and do not adjust.
        • Upgrade your heating system or burner for maximum efficiency.

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